Appliance Repair Meriden: Choosing an Appliance Repair Service

Appliance Repair Meriden: The oven won’t heat up! The dishwasher is making a grinding noise. The garbage disposal is clogged. Why is the refrigerator running all the time?

Appliances are wonderful inventions that provide a great service by making many every day tasks easier. Appliance performance is often taken for granted. For this reason, many people do not know who to call when they need appliance repair service.

Many will spend an entire day searching for an appliance repair technician or making phone calls to the manufacturer or the appliance store hoping for a quick solution. Appliance repair services are advertised on the internet, in the Yellow Pages, and by mail, like with the Monthly Shopper.

One of the biggest concerns people have with appliance repair service is the cost. They want to be sure that the appliance repair service they receive provides long-lasting performance at a fair price.

There is another concern that many people do not think about, but it is very important. With advancing technology in appliance improvements, it is critical that the appliance repair experts stay on top of the game with continuing education. Appliance repair companies should be familiar with and qualified to work on all models of appliances.

Here is some information about searching for a qualified appliance repair service:

Calling the manufacturer

If the appliance owner decides to call the manufacturer and have them send over a factory trained technician today, he may be disappointed. Digging through the drawer where all useful information is stored and finding your owner’s manual takes time. Reading through the troubleshooting section rarely provides the solution. Finally, you find the customer service number and call just to spend what seems like hours pressing one for this and two for that. If you’re lucky, you will eventually be connected to someone who can schedule an appointment for one day “next week.”

The appliance repair rate is higher, but at least they will be using the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. The down side to calling them is that the middle management has been trimmed so if you have a problem, there will be no one to solve the breakdown soon.

Finding a one man show

Newspapers, Weekly, Craigslist, referral, grocery store bulletin board, “Hi, you've reached Joe, please leave a message and I will call you back at my earliest convenience.” If Joe is not busy, on vacation, or hungover, the appliance owner could have Joe’s appliance repair services sooner than later. Make sure that before you let him into your house to work that he has the proper insurance otherwise if he hurts himself, you could be sued for workers compensation and he would win in court. Do you know why he doesn’t work for anyone else? Probably because he can’t. You run the risk if you do not do your homework.

Reputable Local Appliance Repair Company

If the appliance owner wants to have the best of both worlds he should choose a local appliance repair company that has a store or office. He will find more support staff and management than with the manufacturers.

Today large corporations operate based on the bottom line not on customer satisfaction. At a local appliance repair service company, there is a General manager, Parts manager, Service manager, and Dispatcher.

Call the store where you bought your appliance

Store owners have a lot to be concerned about. They often repair appliances as a secondary revenue stream. At best, they have an obligation to fix what they sold. Unfortunately, they put little resources into the department. Self servicing dealers are far and few between so, in most cases, they will refer the appliance owner back to the manufacturer.

Let your fingers do the walking

The yellow pages are still one of the best ways to find a REAL local, appliance repair business. At least the company can afford yearly advertising so you can make a more informed decision. It can be a better choice that the internet which can be confusing and misleading.

Internet Searching

The World Wide Web will eventually take over as the weapon of choice in the search for everything. Yet, until there is at least two computers in every household with a grandchild on duty to explain how to use them, mom and dad appliance owner will have to rely on the old standby choices listed above.

A Action Appliance Repair

A Action Appliance offers service today with a 5-year pro-rated warranty on parts, and 110% customer satisfaction policy. They are authorized to service all brands, makes, and models of appliances.

A Action Appliance Repair service keeps the original manufacturer’s parts in stock whenever possible. Their clean-cut technicians drive newly-lettered vehicles and wear uniforms and shoe covers.

Customers enjoy old fashioned customer service where a live rep answers the phone and offers a prompt solution. No automated system, no press one for this and press two for that. Savvy internet users can request appliance repair service online and expect a call from a qualified technician within 20 minutes.

When in doubt trust A Action Appliance Repair with all your appliance repair questions and needs. We cover Appliance Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement, Refrigerator Repair, Freezer Repair, Ice Maker Repair, Electric Range Repair, Washer Repair, Dryer Repair, Mircrowave Oven Repair, Trash Compactor Repair, Air Conditioner Repair, Dehumidifier Repair, Gas Range Repair and more!

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